Choice feminism is failing sex workers TW rape, violence

Someone linked to this blog on the Jezebel article a while back about hardcore porn (warning - you might not want to hunt that one down) and it made me wish that more writers and commenters would read stories like this and really acknowledge the horrific damage done by the sex work and pornography industries instead… » 6/23/14 9:40pm 6/23/14 9:40pm

Little Whiskey's Extortion Ring Update

So I asked LW about the dodgy looking forms. Apparently she and her friend lent some of their classmates tuck shop (lunch) money because they "felt sad for them" but now they're having trouble collecting. The "dontite" is donate because they're little opportunists who can't spell. » 5/02/14 6:14pm 5/02/14 6:14pm