Groupthink Guilty Pleasure Reality Shows

I love Couples Therapy, Preachers Daughters and alllll the Teen Moms. Can someone talk to me about Farrah's imaginary boyfriend? Also oh my god I want to slap so many men on these shows. My brilliant idea is a crossover where they make all the preachers raise the teen dads. Share all your secret shameful viewing habits … » 4/16/14 8:36pm 4/16/14 8:36pm

Bringing Old Kinja back - kinda - need help!

For all you luddites who can't figure out Denton's feline, pruning, thinning, pivoting, tree inspired, interactive system of the future I present old kinja kind of. Also the banner back in its rightful place. The comments will revert to double column if you click "All Replies". I thought it best not to mess with whatever … » 3/22/14 7:51pm 3/22/14 7:51pm

Star and Whiskey’s Proposal for Matriarchal World Domination

This is Star and Whiskey announcing The Experimental Buddhist-Discordian Matriarchal Rebellion. A new world order devised by us to establish a utopian wonderland of femininity and rainbows. Our tactics may seem ruthless but we assure you no men will be harmed during our mission to rid the world of testosterone fuelled… » 3/16/14 6:45pm 3/16/14 6:45pm